The idea of this band came up from Kirk and BB while they were composing a song named ‘ Super Power Vein ‘ . When the guitar parts were complete, they teamed up with 2 more guys ( bass n’ drums ) and 1 girl ( vocals ) . Then that idea became a band named ‘ Stoned Alice ‘. Stoned Alice though didn’t last long leaving Kirk, BB and Vaggos without a band. They kept composing songs and recording ideas, trying to find more members to form a new line up. In April of 2016 ( a new drummer ) Woodie joined the group and with Christina ( vocals ), Blackstone Puppets were finally formed.

April of 2016 was the month that gave birth to this band. Two months later they had finished their very first song ‘ Super Power Vein ‘ which was followed by 2 other new songs, Forsaken and Stoned Alice, named after their first band attempt.

In July of 2016 they sent a recording of two songs from their rehearsal as a ‘ demo ‘ to join a Band Contest on 8th Street Mode Festival, the biggest open air festival that has been happening for 9 years now in their town and also one of the biggest festivals in Greece were more than 30.000 people attend every year. They were accepted as contestants and made a very good first live appearance, gaining the attention of their first fans.

In September of 2016 they got contacted by two other bands from Thessaloniki to join ’em and play live again on the Main Stage of the Eightball Club. In the meantime they were finishing the music parts of a new song
‘ Beer In My Veins ‘.

The October 23rd show on the Eightball Live Stage, was a huge success. The band got a very big applause and so, their popularity began to grow. Some days later a jurnalist name mr. Ioannis Negris reached out and contacted the band to ask if they wanted to join The Battle of The Bands 2016-2017. They accepted right away!

Some days later, for personal and very important reasons Christina had to leave town, so Blackstone Puppets were left without vocals yet again, while they had already said “yes” for a new Live Performance for the next month.

A month and a half later, on 4th of December, ‘The Battle Of The Bands – Leg 3’ took place and the band was competing on the same stage with 4 other bands. Blackstone Puppets were the youngest contestants but managed to win the 3rd place by people’s votes.

From April of 2016 until December of the same year, the band got to perform live in a big festival, play their own Gig and earned 3rd place in another great contest of their Town. Having composed fully 4 songs, things were happening very fast for them. Without taking a break they kept rehearsing in order to get ready to go in the Studio and record their first 3 demo songs and participate in Schoolwave Festival 2017.

In January of 2017, they decided to get in the studio with Julie and record a demo of 2 songs. They decided to record the old school way, Live Recording, ’cause they didn’t have the time they needed to do a full recording. On Friday 13/1/2017, Blackstone Puppets had their first Live Recorded Demo, at Valve Studios (Thessaloniki) which was mixed by Strutter ( Stratos, bassist of W.A.N.T.E.D ).

On April 18th, Blackstone Puppets celebrated their 1 year anniversary in a very special event at the Silver Dollar, were they played live with Sleeping Bugs, 5M and their very good friends Coretheband (Crete). That day was also their first live with their new lead singer Alice. Due to some personal reasons and some unavoidable circumstances Julie couldn’t continue with the band. Having a show coming up and the audition for Schoolwave 2017, a new singer had to be found. Having no time to waste, fortunately Alice fitted perfectly with the band ’cause of her craziness, her strong personality and vocal skills.

In October of 2017 they got asked to join the band Skandal (UK) and do a show together at the Silver Dollar. They show was all about Rock & Roll!

In February of 2018 they completed the recordings of their first single for their upcoming EP. The band also completed another song “Hopes and Dreams” which got presented to the audience on March 24th in their first show as headliners, again with their good friends Skandal. About a month later, they were asked to join the stage of Blue Barrel with Bonzai and Halocraft. On the 2nd of June, Blackstone Puppets played at the Eightball Club with Troubleman, Downtown Association and Northwind.

 They are currently shooting for their first video clip and later this summer ( 2018 ) their EP will be recorded. It will be published later in the same year.

A lot of cool shit is going to happen so stay tuned and don’t forget to keep on Rock & Fuckin’ Rollin’.

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