Info :

Origin : 

Thessaloniki, Gr


Genre :

Hard Rock n’ Roll


Years Active :

April 19th, 2016 – Present

Members :

Menis – Vocals

Kirk – Lead Guitar

BB – Rhythm Guitar

Dr. Tony – Bass

Woodie – Drums


Endorsed by :

Bulk Strings


Ex Members & Friends :


First of all we want to thank Christina a lot. She was with us since day 1, never missed a thing
and she also wrote the lyrics of our songs Super Power Vein and Forsaken. Unfortunately she had to leave town so she couldn’t keep up with the band. Also big thanks to Kostas Tsavdaridis, who was our photographer and followed us everywhere. He also helped us with the lyrics of our song Stoned Alice.

Many thanks to Vangelis Zikos, our former bassist for his help with our first steps, songs and shows.

Big thanks Julie, who helped us out when we needed back up. Especially for her help with, the Battle of the Bands, where we placed 3rd and of course for her awesome vocals recording in our live demo for Schoolwave Festival 2017.

Thank you Shutterspeed Photos

for following us everywhere, supporting and shooting amazing pictures.

Last but not least we want to thank Alice & Lucky who followed us for 2 and 1 years each. We recorded our Debut EP ” Breakdown ” with them. Their job was amazing. We wish you the best from now on!


Blackstone Puppets
Tel: +30-698-611-3574

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